I'm not going to go into details of what happened to me and why i was gone
for the past 3 months? only thing i can say is i was burnout i been *playing*
this game since the beta days i don't remember the exact patch
but it was 1.5 beta something it was the patch clay was accidentaly
removed from world gen and you couldn't find any.

I've decided that instead of shutting down the server i would leave it
to some staff to run and maintain but it seems that failed and they
ended up killing what was left of the server and since they
killed the server and didn't have what it in them to 
revive it they all jump ship and left the server to sink
and thats why im here again but i can't do it alone it will require
the help of everyone including staff and the community.

Lets start with what will change, for starters the kits and ranks, i will be adding the kits back
the ranks will be replaced with eula friendly ranks however those who donated before
will keep their current ranks their kits and the perks it included this will also mean that
the old ranks will go on sale for in game money, this is how mojang wants it and its how
it will be done, since the new ranks will offer mostly vanity perks and nothing game breaking.

Drop parties will come back however we will only do OP Drop Parties at the end of the month
only IF the donation goal is reached this will be an incentive and seeing how nick left the server
we will need funds for new developers which i already have contact with to make custom
plugins/sidemods and to update the current ones we use.

To celebrate me coming back there will be a shiny drop party saturday.

Oh and i forgot the server will be whitelisted today so i can work on some stuff should take a few hours in preperation for something planned in the future so stay tuned.

Also i want to clarify that eeva and dual had nothing to do with the server downfall after i left
they are mostly system admins that deal with the behind the scene stuff.

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