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Well i was thinking if i should or not tell you guys why i have been missing lately but after thinking a lot i decided to tell you guys what you needed to know only.

I Delsolsi <Minecraft username and owner of InfinityMC> Consider InfinityMC Community as family and i dont want you guys to think i lost interest in the server or im bored or annoyed by you guys because thats not the case, My grandma died this past week and now my uncle has passed away i dont feel well enough to be on the server and i trust my staff members to take care of it for the rest of the time i need off. 

Im planning on taking this week and come back to the server next week and continue with everything i had planned which includes.

New Rank up System

New Ranks <bought with in game money>


And much more <specialy daily events making a comeback C:>

Anyways thats all i have to say.

[T] danny201214 We love you too Del <3 hope you feel better soon <3
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[T] Crafticuno Del, I just posted on Mika's 'Im back ' post, as Mika's and Lucky's grandmothers/grandfathers passed away. I don't want ...

A few changes where done with this maintenance, we added new buildings to spawn :) If i didnt get scammed by the builder who "Built" them then he did a fantastic job :). Im not 100% sure pokemon loss is fixed i know some of you are loosing pokemons but eeva is working her harderst on her free spare time on a mysql to flat file converter, this will 100% fix the pokemon loss, If i had any idea how badly pixelmon mysql was coded i would have not moved to it.

Now for the new stuff.


- Better reward system!

- Chances are now from 1% to 100% no more 1 out of 1000 etc.

- Crates prices are being lowered this friday! 

- New crates animations!

Now for the New ranks:

Monthly Subscription ranks:

- Supporter



This 3 ranks will offer unique features, perks that you wont get anywhere else. <They will be added to the shop friday!>

2 New lifetime ranks!

Life Time ranks:

- Red <Includes a team of 6 perfect iv Shiny pokemons {No legendaries} + SURFING PIKACHU! Yes you heard it right :) A pikachu with the move surf.

- Blue <Includes a team of 6 Perfect iv Shiny Pokemons {No Legendaries} + FLYING PIKACHU! Yes you heard it right :) A pikachu with the move fly!

Both ranks will come with a kit with a 2 day cooldown<Means you can use the kits every 2 days>

and 2 perfect IV Dittos.

This ranks will be added friday with a 40% off sales :O

[T] theengineer28 Do double battles work on the server?
[T] captainsparke1z Where do you fine the ban appeal? I cant find it? I got banned and need to get back on...
[T] mrneezee just like that having a 100% means nothing