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Good news! We've managed to work out what was going on with the duplication glitch and we've written a mod that should allow us to guard against the exploit that we were being hit by. Del has decided that we need a bit more time to update to 1.10.2, so he will be opening 1.7.10 again soon. I'll let him give the details as to the 1.7 servers.

As for 1.10.2, we're still going to go ahead with this soon, but we've got less of a reason to rush. We want to make it as good as possible for you guys, but now we feel we can give you the infinity experience again, we can spend more time on 1.10.

Del will hopefully follow with more details soon.


[T] Anarchytech
Anarchytech @ OpPrision
Is the server up or what..?
[T] AqUa_AssassinZ Rip Me getting a Milotic
[T] KamperMC psssss del u look at the logs :d??

UPDATE: We're going to 1.10.2 with Pixelmon 5.0.0 instead.

Hi All,

Very bad news tonight, you will have noticed that the Pixelmon servers, both OP and Pearl have been down for quite some time. We believe that we were targeted as we did not pay an extortionate amount for a mod that is meant to protect us against an exploit that the Pixelmon devs did not patch because the 1.7 builds are now too old. The attack effectively caused masses of keys and "server breaker" swords to be spawned in. A lot of you took advantage of this, and by using the spawned in goods, the servers have essentially been wrecked.

As a result, we have little choice but to update to 1.8.9 1.10.2 to protect ourselves, and the servers will be offline until that point. Because of the change in plugin platform (from Bukkit to Sponge), we will have to wipe inventories, worlds and economy. We do not have a choice in this. We will not, however, reset your Pokemon, and your ranks will be returned to you. This may be a manual process, in which case, we apologise in advance.

Once we are back up and running, we'll be running drop parties on both servers, like we always do once we reset. On behalf of the InfinityMC team to those players who were completely innocent, we are sorry this has happened, but we've been left with no choice.

Eevables did a good job of limiting the damage on PixelMania, that server will remain on 1.7.10 for the time being and is operational. You can join that server by pointing Minecraft at pixelmania.co, or just through the hub.


[T] Kydrah As long as the Pokes are safe, then I don't mind. I treasure my 100% ditto.
[T] TH3_DRAG0N ayuda ,entre al servidor de pokemon porque vi que habia gente y veo mi dinero pero no lo tengo antes teni 5M y a hora s...
[T] MolokMinecraft Umm is the server up yet? When I look at my server list there are 90ish ppl on but when i join the only server I can joi...

Just warning you guys that we will be having Maintenance tonight, it will last between 1 hour to 4 hours depending on how it goes, theres a lot of changes and the addition of a new server, and a pixelmon lobby server, this will be used as a filter to directly send players connecting with pixelmon to this lobbies for easy pixelmon server access.

you will still be able to join other servers using the server menu.

[T] 19Giovanni10 hola soy un poco nuevo en el sv llevo una semana y medio y no quiero perder todo lo que e conseguido de pokemones e item...
[T] Phoenix_IceBird what time will be done in the pacific time zone
[T] TheLight02 1 to 4 hours :'(

EDIT: update has been delayed due to some stuff that came up, and pixelmon announced a new update that adds 1.10.2 soon, we're waiting for that and other mods/plugins

Just a heads up that a test version of Op Pixelmon for 4.2.7 will be released soon, my plans is before the weekend,
however theres a few things you need to know about the update.

Whats being reset?

  • World
  • Economy
  • Items obviously

Whats being transfered?

  • Ranks <donator ranks>
  • Pokemons

We will be making a full tutorial on how to install Pixelmon 4.2.7 before the update

Will the Op Pixelmon 3.5.1 server get removed?

  • No, It will still be going as i have plans for that server, we will add a few quests however
    progress made there will not reflect on the Op Pixelmon 4.2.7 server, we will offer a way
    to transfer pokemons over hopefuly.

Why the world and economy reset on the 4.2.7 update?

  • We used cauldron to be able to load plugins with forge servers, cauldron is no longer 
    maintained and was abandoned, due to that the only way to use Mods/Plugins to 
    make your adventure more unique is Sponge, sponge is new and doesn't have a
    finished api so it has a few Mods/Plugins, Also sponge does not load Spigot/Bukkit
    plugins so as you can see we can not transfer the economy over as they are
    2 different plugins/softwares 
  • As for the world, well theres some block id changes in 4.2.7 and i dont want to deal
    with some of your houses blocks turned to shrines or another block ruining your build
    also, 1.8.9 has new world gen and new ores.

What server will the staff be on and the owner?

  • I will make sure to have staff still play and attend the 3.5.1 But our main focus will be 4.2.7 
    as its the future of Pixelmon. Don't worry when you conenct with 4.2.7 you will
    be sent to a special lobby with the pixelmon servers to make it easier for you to play

What will happen to the beta server?

  • The beta server will stay up as a testing grounds server for us to test new
    Plugins/Mods ported to sponge, it will also be updated to the most latest 
    Pixelmon version before the other ones update, to test stuff and make sure
    nothing broke.
[T] BigManJH12 Cant wait hopefully it would be up by Saturday lol looking forward to playing on the new version. :d
[T] Theengineer28 i just built a stadium and I had no idea......
[T] TheEpicFrog Do we get to keep the items in our backpack or are they being cleared along with the items?

We will offer beneficial perks to youtubers that start recording on the server, we will have 2 tiers of youtubers with different perks.

2nd Tier.

This tier is for youtubers with 5,000+ Subs, You will recieve the YouTuber suffix next to your minecraft name and a youtubers kit, this kit will include 1 weekly Key to use, 1 Youtuber Key to use daily in our Upcoming Crate.

You will also recieve the ability to /fly without the need to vote, /pokeheal which heals your pokemons and /repair with a cooldown and price ofcourse, you will also get the ability to disguise as the Legendary Beasts Shiny form (Raikou Suicune and Entei)

How to redeem the Tier 2 Perks?

  • You need 5,000+ subs.
  • Record 1 20-30 Minutes Weekly Video OR 2 10-15 Minutes Weekly.
  • Record with a good software and in 720pHD +
  • Advertise OUR Network ip in your video Description with the Website and our store if possible

1st Tier.

This tier is for smaller or new Youtubers, you dont have a sub requirement but just a few requirements,
with this tier you will get a YouTube Title inside /tags, ability to /fly without the need to vote /pokeheal and the ability to disguise as the Legendary Beasts non-shiny forms (Raikou Suicune and Entei).

You will also recieve a youtuber kit which will include some Items and a Youtuber Key to use in our Upcoming Crate 

How to redeem the Tier 1 Perks?

  • Record 1 20-30 Minutes Weekly Video OR 2 10-15 Minutes Weekly.
  • Record with a good software and in 720p
  • Advertise OUR Network ip in your video Description with the Website and our store if possible
  • If you're going to use a free recording software i don't mind however make sure you dont see the name in the video Example: 

How to apply?

  • Record your first episode/video and upload it, once you upload the video submit it on our youtube promotion section under pixelmon sub-forum, once i see the video and approve you will recieve your perks.

If you have more then 50,000 Subs contact me for a special deal.

[T] rossy500 daaaaang it have 0 subs a paid recording software and two shitty vids
[T] turtwig103 *skydoesminecraft shows up* &quot;so i heard you were looking for youtubers&quot; *del passes out* lol
[T] Penguin_CS15 imagine some youtuber who has like 1mil sub came here i wonder what will del do to him/her XD (most likely troll that yo...