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Hello all,

After the launch of the OP Prison and Faction servers, we're looking for more staff for our servers! You may have noticed that we have two new sections on the forums, helper apps for OP Prison, and helper apps for OP Factions to help relieve the pressure on Del and the senior admins on the network.

In the first instance, we are looking for:

  • 2 more helpers for Pixelmon
  • 2 helpers for Factions
  • 2 helpers for Prison

It's worth reminding you that you can only be staff on one server. Make sure you follow the format! If you have already applied to the Pixelmon server staff, but wish to be considered on another server, please let us know.

Good luck, and we look forward to reading your apps!

~dual and the Infinity MC team.

[VIP] MrNick823 Wait .. The pixelmon helpers have already been selected, will the current applications be rejected?
[T] lachlan774 I wont to be helper plz
[T] Crafticuno Should I re-apply for helper if I've already applied?

Update 2 (dualspiral again): Del is doing maintainence to set up the rest of these features now.

Update (dualspiral): Because Del's ISP is clearly trying to troll him by giving him terrible internet, this may not get completely rolled out until Monday 25th May. However, /steps, /hatch and /hatchall are available now.

For a few months i been teasing and talking about a new era for us, and i been working on the background while eeva and dual keep the pixelmon server safe C: Well its time to announce the date it will be released and what will come with this update, by far the biggest update we have done so lets start.


+New Gyms (Replacing old gyms with new ones)

+/steps <slot#> (Tells you the remaining steps for your egg to hatch) {No cooldown}

+/hatch <slot#> (Hatches your egg) {30 Minute cooldown} -Yes its a long one but keep reading-

+/hatchall (This command is really op and will have a 24 hour cooldown) {24 hour cooldown} -Keep reading-

+10 New Ranks (Purchasable with in game money)                                                                                                                 Perks for the ranks will include shorter cooldowns for /hatch and /hatchall

+/rankup (Rankup to the next rank!)

+/ranks (Show the ranks and their prices)

-Plot World Removed (Was removed for a serious bug inside Pixelmon which causes you to loose random pc pokemons This will come back hopefully but we can not tell when)


+Ultra Factions (Ever played Op Factions? well we took it to a whole new level)

+Op Prison (Unlike others i took the time to make a good/better prison server then most C:)

          Beta Servers:

+GTA V (Yes a gta v server its about 75% but playable)

+Pixelmon 4.0.* (This wont open soon so dont ask it might take up to a week more)


+ /hatch <slot> (50% less cooldown)

+/hatchall  (25% less cooldown)

+ /hatch <slot> (75% less cooldown)

+/hatchall  (50% less cooldown)


+ /hatch <slot> (50% less cooldown)

+/hatchall  (25% less cooldown)

+ /hatch <slot> (50% less cooldown)

+/hatchall  (25% less cooldown)


+ /hatch <slot> (75% less cooldown)

+/hatchall  (50% less cooldown)

          Global Ranks

+Sub <short for subscriber> (Monthly) $5

+Sub <short for subscriber> (Life Time) $50

+VIP (Monthly) $10

+VIP (Life Time) $100

+MVP (Monthly) $25

+MVP (Life Time) $250

Now you maybe asking what does the new ranks have in common? or why are they better? Well for starters this ranks will be global which means you will get them in ALL Servers and Future Servers, you will also get access to alpha servers which are whitelisted. 

Some of the perks this ranks will have that others dont is 

Pets in the hub 

Particles in the hub 

1 Time kit on ALL servers <except hub/lobbies>

Daily Kit on ALL servers <except hub/lobbies>

Disguises on the hub

Ability to change your tag to any color!

/fly in the hub

+ more

Now that i forced to read all this mainly because im a nice troll, heres the release date 


hahahaah jk im trolling you May/23/2015

[T] King_of_Cha0s Not to sound impatient, but any clue as to how long the maintenance would be? I'm just stoked to look at the new ranks a ...
[T] MasterAryaman Thnx Del for all the time you and the other admins put into the server to make us have a great time your the best ...
[T] Crafticuno Ermergerd this is awesome Can't wait when I see an update notification and its not like 11PM so I can actually play on t ...

Server Updates!

[Admin] dualspiral a posted May 16, 15

Hi All,

We've installed a couple of updates to the server that we think you'll like:

Auction Plugin - Now with less spam and more info!

The Auction plugin was updated today with the following changes:

  • /aucinfo now has the Pokémon's ability listed
  • /upcoming shows you the next five auctions to be started

I've also added a /watch command. Now, when an auction starts, in order to see the bids for it, you must /watch it (or /bid). This will mean that people who aren't interested in your auction won't get spammed, and those of you who do want to be involved, can just /watch that auction. /watch only lasts for that auction.

Miss the spam? Bring back ALL the spam using the command /watch all

Remember, if you sell or auction pokemon without using this plugin, we will not help you if you are scammed.

Shop Plots

Del has added a plugin to allow for shop plots! To get one, go to /warp plots, find a plot you want, then /plot claim. It's meant for shops, so please use them that way. Don't care which plot you get? /plot auto is for you. You only get one plot, so use it wisely!

Update: The plots plugin was causing Pokemon loss. We have disabled it.


~dual & The Inifinity MC team.

What's this? I'm posting again? Feel free to breathe again, fellow players, for this is not to announce more maintainence. :)

We are looking to recruit a few helpers to, well, help. With a few staff members leaving us in the past couple of months (and I'd just like to include my thanks for their help), we've noticed that we're a bit thin on the ground with helpers, with most of our admins being tied up with complex problems whenever they log on.

However, we have also decided to remove all old applications and start with a clean slate. If you applied before, it's now time to apply again. We must stress, though, that we are looking for active players - it is vitally important that you are active. If you are not active, we will be active in kicking your non-activeness off the staff list. Have I said active enough times? I hope so. Key message here is, if you want to be staff, you have to be active! :)

So, without further ado, may I point all you prospective staff members at our application format at http://www.infinitymc.us/forum/m/13719102/viewthread/21589942-applying-for-staff-read-this-first/page/1? Give the post a good read, then give it your best shot!

Good luck, we look forward to reading your applications!

~The InfinityMC Team.

[VIP] MrNick823 Good luck everyone!
[T] Crafticuno I'd like to know-where do we post our application? In the Pixel League forum at the top? Or the Helper applications at t ...

Edit: Maintenace is over.

The server's currently down for some unplanned maintenance. I can't say when it will be back up, but we're working on fixing it, and it will hopefully be resolved soon. Sorry in advance!