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World Reset

[Owner] Delsolsi atag posted Feb 20, 15

World is being wiped, this means you will loose your inventory and items, but you will not loose your money or pokemons, the reset will start now and the world border will be smaller, this is so when 1.8 is out we dont do another reset for the biomes and world gen.


Donors will get their kits back.

Theres going to be a random shiny legendary token <for everyone>

A reset kit <for everyone> 



While working on the new world etc i noticed my party pokemons got deleted, but my pc stayed, This might be a mysql flaw and we are working on finding the error so it doesnt happen to you guys, Do not be worried we have a backup database of all your pokemons so dont be alarmed, the sad thing is this puts us behind our eta which means it will probably be whitelisted all day saturday.

Due to this i decided to give all players a few keys <No mythical or legendary keys =p, Unless you had one and have proof of them> 

Also you will be given a token which will make 1 iv in your pokemons 31, it will be automatic and done via /redeem.

and the day we release the server we will do shiny pokemons drop party and maybe donor rank giveaways :).

 Spawn teaser

[T] Crafticuno <3 ty Del for the tokens >.< so kind I mean those were a LOT of tokens :3 how kind ;3; I fweel loveed along wit ...
[VIP] serpentgate Ahhh I'll be on soon as soon as i download XD ive been playing terraria 2 much
[T] Motts Why maintenance??

Well we had a few issues before when we tried updating to 3.4 but thats been fixed and we are 100% stable.

We will comence the update monday and will mostlikely be whitelisted for a few hours. 

and when i say a few i mean like 12 hours, why? heres the reason.

We are going name change compatible :) yes that means if you change your name you wont loose anything so infinitymc will be name changing compatible! 

theres an estimate of 29,0000 player files that need convertion, this will take a while, it will convert your player.yml files to uuid.yml format.

Some big changes coming with this update are.

1.Ranch block breeding is being added back! BUT it will be in a diferent world/server. i will explain this further in the end.

2. Increased pokemon spawns, yes we are not crazy we are increasing pokemon spawn rates x10 - x50

How breeding and spawn rates will work.

when you join infinity after the update you will not join pixel league server, instead you will join a lobby/hub, inside that hub you have 3 ways of connecting to pixel league, 

1. The nether star in your inventory.

2. The npc villager in front of the Pixel League portal.

3. The Pixel League portal.

Once you connect to pixel league <Our main pixelmon server> everything will be the same Exept for something, when you open your inventory you will notice a menu :) Yes a menu inside your inventory which will allow you to teleport to the breeding and pokemon safari worlds/servers and other things!

In the breeding world you will be given a plot in a flat world, inside your plot you are free to build as many ranch block farms as you want, and breed till you cant anymore. This plot world for breeding iwll offer /fly for all players to help you build :) 

Pixelmon Safari world/server, in this world spawn rates will be heavily increased, this world will not allow you to build in any way or form, this world/server will be used only for catching pokemons. 

you will have the command /biometp <biome name> to teleport to a specified biome and catch pokemons!

The main server/world will have pokemon spawns but they will be lowered to decrease lag issues, you will stil be able to ev train on /warp ev and /warp train but pokemon spawns will be lower then now.

Our main server will be the same, it will allow you to build and fight gym leaders or players! this will reduce our lag spieks by a lot, and i mean a LOT, pokemons WILL be shared accross all this 3 servers.

1. Pixel League.

2. Pixel League Breeding. 

3. Pixel League Safari.

You will be requiered to have this before being able to play on InfinityMC

Pixelmon 3.4

Forge 1230 or newer.

Java 7

I seen a few bug reports that say java 6 does not work with pixelmon 3.4

the easiest way to update your java is to download mojangs new launcher, the new launcher automaticly downloads and installs java for you. 

Launcher download link thanks to Dualspiral


Mac users im sorry but i have no idea how to update your java to 7 or 8, i will look for a tutorial and link it.

[T] dj0707 If only i knew how to install pixelmon 3.4 and forge
[T] Motts Servers back up everyone! ...
[T] KiraraTheCat Why was the server down for so long if nothing's changed appearance wise? Besides it being more laggy. Are there new com ...