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Edit 2: Services are back up and running.

Edit: Due to a database error, we're doing this NOW.

Hi All,

I need to fix some stuff up on the server network tomorrow - so be aware that I'll likely be taking the server down for a couple of hours, likely starting at 1pm GMT.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience - hopefully it'll be quicker than that!


P.S. On 5.0.2, we're holding off for the moment, as we've seen a lot of bug reports. We'll likely wait for 5.0.3, depending on the length of time this might take - we have no ETA on that.

5.0.2 - OP Server Reset

dualspiral Site Admin posted Mar 16, 17

Good afternoon all.

The Pixelmon crew have some tasty updates coming up in their next version which we're expecting sometime in the next couple of weeks or so (though this is all speculation, we can never be sure about these things!) Perhaps the most interesting things will be Mega Evolutions from the Gen VI games and the generation of gyms! We will update OP quickly after 5.0.2 is out.

However - with the changes that we're expecting (see the Pixelmon Upcoming Changes page), we believe that a full reset is the best course of action. We have many reasons for this:

  • The generation of Gyms means that the world generation will significantly change. We want to take advantage of this.
  • Mega evolutions of pokemon lent us to the decision to allow everyone to start on a clean slate - pokemon will be reset.
  • Our economy is broken again - this should allow us to fix it and hopefully this time keep it fixed!
  • This is the easiest way to fix the freeze bug some of you are experiencing, we believe it's world specific.
  • There have been a lot of changes in the background on Infinity MC in the past few months with changes to the staff team - indeed, I've been really busy with my own work and Nucleus and so have not been around. This allows us to persue a better direction to try to maximise the server potential. This doesn't mean a huge number of changes right now, but we have exciting developments that we are working on. There will be more on that in the coming months.

Of course, in true Infinity MC style, we make sure things are fair:

  • Donators, of course, will get all the items that they paid for when they log in the first time after the reset.
  • We will hold small drop parties here and there over the couple of weeks after the reset at random to give players a boost.
  • We will hold a scheduled shiny drop party about a week after reset.

Our Legacy server will not be touched.

Finally, let me say thank you for sticking with us. Whilst I personally will likely be quiet in itself, working on Nucleus and my own life and I therefore am taking more of an advisory for the current team, you can rest assured that the rest of the team are working hard to bring you the next generation of InfinityMC. We cannot wait to show it to you!

All the best,

~dual and the InfinityMC team.

[T] LordFungi So now that 5.0.2 was released yesterday, what is the ETA on the new server?
[Mod] Shuynazu Hypee!!!
[T] UchihaNoRiku So only OP will be reset right? Least thats what I'm guessing from the title. Just wanna make sure.

Server Release Date!

[Owner] Delsolsi Site Admin posted Jan 7, 17

Server is finally ready, almost... but it will be open tomorrow friday 13th at 12pm PST

Whats going to reset and what will transfer?

- Transfering over for Pearl:

  • Pokemons
  • Ranks

- Transfering over for Op Pixelmon:

  • Pokemons
  • Ranks

- Transfering over for Pixel Mania:

  • Pokemons
  • Ranks

- Resetting for Pearl:

  • Money
  • Items
  • World

- Resetting for Op Pixelmon:

  • Money
  • Items
  • World

- Resetting for Pixel Mania:

  • Money
  • Items
  • World

Due to how some players can't run minecraft 1.10.2 or pixelmon 5.0.1 we will also release a Pixelmon 3.5.1
server however this server will be complete new and you wont have anything here its a new server
All your Pokemons and Ranks are ported to the 5.0.1 Servers

Now you might be asking, why did it take so long? well there was a lot of things changed and we had to remake a lot of ranks because there was no easy way of porting from bukkit/spigot to sponge permission groups, yes we could've done it the lazy way and use pex but honestly, pex sucks and we went with a different permissions plugin, anyways everything is done and its just small tweaks that need to be done and putting together the server like a puzzle which will take a few 2-3 hours because i need to test our databases to make sure everything works.

When you join don't forget to /mysterygift claim to get your free Gen 6 Crate which contains a random gen 6 starter, you can also find an npc trainer and challenge him for a second Gen 6 crate!

[T] xSolarxFlaresx Does the rank transfer to Pearl 5.0.1 include ranks from before the wipe? I took awhile break and do not know really any...
[T] Kenny_tam hello, i am Kenny_tam On the transfer of version 3.5.1 to 5.0.1. Many users are somewhat annoying about the transfer as...
[T] Hanzocraft Is the update almost complete?

Halloween Event is LIVE

dualspiral Site Admin posted Oct 30, 16

Hi All,

We're about to open the server with an update for Halloween - it's time to go trick-or-treating! A few new NPCs have appeared around spawn and have treats for you to find, unwrap and enjoy!

But, before you can join in, you need a costume! Go see Mom in spawn (to the left as you walk in), click on her, answer her question correctly (the answer is "Halloween"), and she'll give you a costume and a Candy Bag. Now you can go get your candy!

Put the costume on your head, and click on any of the 20 NPCs around town. They'll ask you to pick anything from the bowl. Hold your Candy Bag and say "Trick or Treat". You'll get your sweet sweet reward... if you're lucky!

You can go round trick-or-treating every 2 hours. Have fun!

[Owner] Delsolsi Site Admin Tomorrow
[T] Hanzocraft When does the event end?

InfinityMC's Spooktacular Skin Contest

dualspiral Site Admin posted Oct 10, 16

Update: It's on all InfinityMC servers, not just OpPixelmon!

It's that time again where everyone likes to go "trick or treating" to gain sweet favours from the local neighbours! We wanted to get in on the action too, so we're running our own competition on all our servers, without the tricks, and all the treats! This year, we want you to make a skin that will make us jump out of our skins!

We want you to design and make a halloween theme skin for your minecraft player, and put it on for halloween! We're not looking for great skill here, we're looking for interesting, creative, and scary skins! Sound fun? Great! This is what you need to do to enter:

  • Post on the new Skin Competition 2016 forum that you are intending to submit with your IGN.
  • Post progress on your skin as you go, on your forum post. We want original skins, not just a skin that you found on the internet, so seeing screenshots of your skin being made is a must! When you start it, post a screenshot. Post a screenshot half way through. Maybe tell us what your inspiration is! This is a creative process and we're interested in why you come up with something, as well as what it is!
  • Once done, post your final skin on the same forum, and put it on for Halloween!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, we will close submissions by Monday 31st October 2016, so please get your entries in before then! We may close the submissions the weekend before so we can make a weekend event of it, but we'll update the post soon if that's the case.

Of course, I mentioned treats! These treats are:

  • First prize will get a Master rank (or equivalent on their chosen server)
  • Second prize will get a Champion rank (or equivalent on their chosen server)
  • Third prize will get a Legendary rank (or equivalent on their chosen server)

So, get those creative juices flowing, we cannot wait to see what you come up with!

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