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Reset Update

[Owner] Delsolsi atag posted Sat at 4:02

Update (dualspiral) - 28th July

As you can see, Del hasn't started the reset yet. The plan is to do it today, but I'll try to get Del to update this post when he starts.

Further Update: Del cannot start the reset until tomorrow.

To answer a couple of questions:

  • You will get your ranks back, along with any donation perks you paid for.
  • We will NOT be transferring ANY Pokémon from before the reset.
  • We will NOT be reimbursing ANYTHING that was NOT from a donator package.
  • As this is a reset, all jails and mutes WILL be cleared due to the way that they work. However, bans will NOT. We will get around to appeals in due course.

I hope this clears up some confusion. Original post below.


Just want to let everyone know i decided to do a reset on some servers ill give a quick explenation why,
in my opinion the server is boring now, most staff are inanctive due to irl stuff and i want a fresh start before i
start heavily advertising again, i dont want new players to join a server with abandoned houses in the wilderness etc, now like everyone knows after a reset we do have kits and pokemons for everyone this will not change and everyone will recieve a reset kit C: this kit will only be redeemable for 30 days after that no one will be able to redeem it again.

Are pokemons being wiped? yes

Money being wiped?  yes

World being wiped? yes

what will we get because i spent so much time in the server building and training?
Well you will recieve a few kits to help you build and get back in your feet

Is that all? Are we not getting pokemons?
You are getting pokemons heres a list of what you will get.

Pokemon Tokens: (Redeem with /redeem <token name> <pokemon name>)

Shiny Tokens: 2 <no legendaries>

Random Shiny Tokens: 1 <Gives you 1 random shiny legendary> (We are not responsible if you get something you dont want and there wont be any refunds/tradebacks)

Random Pokemon Tokens: 6 (Gives you a random pokemon <Legendaries are included but rare so good luck>)


Reset Key: 6 <a new crate just for this reset, the crate will onle last for 30 days after that its being removed>


a few =p mostly building blocks and tools.

Now for a few changes:

1. Claims will clear and auto restore land after 30 days of innactivity, this will mean abandoned homes will auto unclaim and the land will be auto restored back to how it was.

2. Daily Drop parties, yes they are coming back i myself will do them as im finally done with my irl stuff and ill have  more time to be active C:

3. Daily events such as Rain Parties, Piñatas!.

4. Monthly Shiny Drop Parties!

5. Boss DP's

Server will not change and it will stay as an op server. <if you played OP servers before then you know they reset every 3 to 6 months>

Factions will have a wipe aswell most bugs have been dealt with there, prison doesnt seem to have any bugs as i fixed them with the last reset, and skyblock seems good after this reset i will focus on advertising like before when we hit 330 players C:

Reset will begin tomorrow monday around 7-8AM PST and most likely last all day.

First DP will begin tuesday.

Keep an eye out for an event section on the forums as we will post scheduled tournaments there.


Update (dualspiral): Yes, Donators will get their stuff back. Del found the "give everyone their stuff back" button!

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Hi All,

Quick note to let you know that we've had a couple of issues with the servers over the past few hours. I've managed to get the lobbies and Pixelmon back online, but it might be a little while before Factions and Prison are back.

Sorry for any inconvenience guys, hopefully it'll all be smooth from here!


[T] TheBaconMage Good i was having trouble...also FIRST

Fixing a few bugs since theres a low player count today i decided to do bug fixing now C: 

[T] Goraa omg ily del
[T] mitchel1344 i would help if i could plz open the server so we can go on factions or somit
[T] mitchel1344 How more long will it take

First of all whats being added/updated.


- New shop system

- New Breeding system


- Skyblock

- PixelCities 


- Factions

- Prison

- Pixelmon rankup

This mostlikely will take us about an hour or two.

This is just a small update, the next update coming in a few days or weeks will be the final servers, then we will focus on advertising to grow the Network C:

[T] Polar_Snow Cant Wait ...
[T] trentman508 Doesn't the post count?
[T] DeoxyCat second, cause del is always first :c

Upcoming Update

[Owner] Delsolsi atag posted Jun 30, 15

Hello, i just want to give you guys a tease of what i been working first of all i heard the complains about the new breeding system and im working on a better breeding way.

It will work like this

/pbreed <slot number> <slot number>
example /pbreed 1 2 Once this command is used it will ask you in chat for confirmation like /redeem 

Example, Are you sure you want to breed slots 1 and 2? WARNING: Make sure they are in the same egg group else you wont be able to breed them. To confirm /breed confirm.


Pixelmon >

I decided to go with a unique idea that i havent seen before for the second non op pixelmon server and that is

Skyblock theme, yes it will be skyblock with a wilderness world, in the wilderness world you will not be able to build and will only be for catching pokemons. there will also be a quest world which will allow you to get items and reward you pokemons etc. 

Now for the 1.8 Network

+ Skyblock server with bosses custom items and more.

+ GTA V Server, it will be completely different then the rest on ours you will be able to farm drugs for money aswell as raid others, there will be a city with loot chests which will allow you to raid for loot and better guns aswell as pvping, think of it as a huge pvp arena with looting chests, you will be able to rent and buy houses however chests will not be protected so make sure to lock your doors or others might break in and steal your loot, <Dont worry they wont be able to break blocks inside your house, just open chests etc.>

+ Survival with classes races bosses and custom items

+ SAO RPG Server, i thought about it and decided to make an MMORPG sort of server and decided to go with the SAO theme.

Factions: Factions will recieve a race/classes update each race will have its own passive ability example
Dwarf will get haste. Classes will give you special skills to use for pvping and raiding.

Once everything is done we will do major advertising we already have contact with a few youtubers for a few episodes C: 

Progress of this update: I would say roughly 50%

You will see the breeding change in a day or two but the other servers being added might take a bit since theres a lot to do for the SAO 

Oh and SAO GTA V Will get a custom resource pack with 3d models C: 

Factions and prison might get a few 3d models for special items such as op swords etc.

[T] turtwig103 OMFG YASSSS SAO SEVER i will be on that server and i will no life it...my name on the pixelmon server is actually Kazuto ...
[T] TheBaconMage Nice ideas del! Cant wait for the update!
[T] dsplaya777757 Looks really nice, Del. Just one more thing: WE NEED CREATIVE!!