A few changes where done with this maintenance, we added new buildings to spawn :) If i didnt get scammed by the builder who "Built" them then he did a fantastic job :). Im not 100% sure pokemon loss is fixed i know some of you are loosing pokemons but eeva is working her harderst on her free spare time on a mysql to flat file converter, this will 100% fix the pokemon loss, If i had any idea how badly pixelmon mysql was coded i would have not moved to it.

Now for the new stuff.


- Better reward system!

- Chances are now from 1% to 100% no more 1 out of 1000 etc.

- Crates prices are being lowered this friday! 

- New crates animations!

Now for the New ranks:

Monthly Subscription ranks:

- Supporter



This 3 ranks will offer unique features, perks that you wont get anywhere else. <They will be added to the shop friday!>

2 New lifetime ranks!

Life Time ranks:

- Red <Includes a team of 6 perfect iv Shiny pokemons {No legendaries} + SURFING PIKACHU! Yes you heard it right :) A pikachu with the move surf.

- Blue <Includes a team of 6 Perfect iv Shiny Pokemons {No Legendaries} + FLYING PIKACHU! Yes you heard it right :) A pikachu with the move fly!

Both ranks will come with a kit with a 2 day cooldown<Means you can use the kits every 2 days>

and 2 perfect IV Dittos.

This ranks will be added friday with a 40% off sales :O

[T] mrneezee just like that having a 100% means nothing
[T] PvPemperor Is there an update on the server going on right now?
[T] PvPemperor I can't get on the server right now. My internet is perfect, I am using the mod, what do I do?