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How to make an appeal

[Admin] Fatsire Site Admin posted Apr 4, 19

1) Make an account here: https://www.infinitymc.us/login/do/register 

2) Verify your account in your Email 

3) Copy the following questions (Highlight them and Ctrl + C) 

IGN (In-game Name):

Which server(s) are you appealing for?:

Are you jailed, muted or banned?:

What did you do to get jailed, muted, or banned?:

Have you been jailed, muted, or banned before?:

Why should we give you a second chance?:

Have you told the truth?:

4) Click this link to create a post in the right place:  http://www.infinitymc.us/forum/newthread/4007480/m/13719102

5) Paste in the questions (Ctrl + V) 

6) Answer the questions in as much detail as possible.

Please do not: 

- Bump your own appeal
- Beg or nag the staff to look at your appeal
- Use colors in your appeal
- Use a poll in your appeal
- Comment on another player's appeal that is not your own
- Post on another player's appeal with your own
- Message staff with your appeal, either in the server or through PMs

Pixelmon Reforged 7.0.2

[Admin] Fatsire Site Admin posted Jul 7, 18

We have just updated to the latest version of pixelmon: 

Jar: http://modpack.infinitymc.net/Pixelmon-1.12.2-7.0.2-universal.jar

Technic Pack: 1. https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/infinitymc-official-pixelmon.413278

Forge: http://adfoc.us/serve/?id=27122869025730

Resource Packs:




Changelog: https://reforged.gg/

Pixelmon Reforged

[Owner] Delsolsi Site Admin posted Feb 15, 18

We've updated to Pixelmon Reforged, heres the download links and changelog, make sure to join
our discord to keep up to date with download links and when we update!


Discord Link: http://bit.ly/2wNOYna

1. Direct Download: http://modpack.infinitymc.net/Pixelmon-1.12.2-6.2.3-universal.jar
2. Technic Pack1: http://bit.ly/2w4GiM2
3. Technic Pack 2: http://bit.ly/2vVO3n0

Forge Download: https://bit.ly/2GyGR5B

Resource Pack we recommend: http://modpack.infinitymc.net/PixelmonBlack.zip

Changelog: https://reforged.gg/