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News Applying for staff? READ THIS FIRST!

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dualspiral Site Admin
We are currently looking for Helpers!

Welcome, dear player, to the Staff Application Forum. Thank you for showing an interest. Here, you may put yourself forward for a staff role for this server. We're not looking for any particular qualifications, and both donators and non-donators may apply, but we do ask that you are active and are willing to dedicate some of your playing time to helping others. If you aren't active, or you would rather just play the game, please do not apply. We reserve the right to demote anyone who isn't active.

Being a helper is a huge responsibility, so please make sure you are willing to take this on. As a helper, you will be given the Helper tag and will be the first point of contact, and will be given limited powers to assist those that need help with unfolding problems. We also ask that you have a good command of English, enough to be able to help others in need and to communicate with the rest of the staff. Please note that helpers will not have rights to redeem tokens, spawn blocks, or spawn/alter Pokémon.

Helpers will be awarded the rank across the server network. If you later become mod, you will only be a mod on one server - the server we think you are most useful on.

If you still want to put yourself forward to help out (and thank you if you do!), please create a new thread in this forum category, copy and paste the format below, and answer it honestly, replacing anything in italics (which is help text). Please do not use more than one light colour or excessive formatting in your application. If you choose to use a colour or formatting, it must be readable - a dark blue or purple is not acceptable for example, and you must use the same formatting and colour for ALL your answers. Also, please do NOT post more than one application at a time. We will reject applications, without question, if you do not follow these rules, and any denied applications will mean you cannot apply again for a month.

We also will reject applications that players ask staff to look at, it is enough to just post here. Asking us to look at your application shows us that you simply want to be helper for the rank and not to selflessly help others. Applications can often take months to be decided on - by applying, you are simply putting yourself forward for when we need a helper.

Finally, Del has said that Staff cannot be Gym leaders. You may apply if you are a Gym leader, but if you are accepted, you would be expected to stand down as Gym leader.

Good luck!

What is your IGN?:

Do you have a Discord account, or are you willing to get one?:
We use this as a communication tool - we do not voice chat, we use IMs only. You do not need to put your discord name here, we will only ask for it if you are accepted

What timezone are you in?:
Example: GMT, CET, PST. Include the country if you are not sure.

How often do you play?:
Please don't lie here - we won't believe you if you say you play 18 hours a day. We're just interested in your availability.

Have you ever been jailed, muted or banned on the InfinityMC network? If you have, why?:
It's important that you do not lie. Players have been banned before, and later become staff members. We do check these things.

Why do you want to be a Helper?:
Please tell us why you want to be a Helper.

Describe yourself in three words?:
Keep it to three words please!

Tell us one thing you love about this server:
We're looking for ONE thing here.

Tell us one thing you would like to see improve on the server:
We're looking for ONE thing here too.
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dualspiral Site Admin
You can click here to make a new thread in the correct place too.
Posted Jun 23, 15 · OP
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