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Notice Appeal Format (READ THIS FIRST!)

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[Admin] Eevables Site Admin
EN: Please note that this is an English language server. Please use English in your appeals.
PT/BR: Por favor note que este é um servidor de idioma Inglês. Utilize Inglês em seus apelos.
IT: Si prega di notare che questo è un assistente di lingua inglese. Si prega di utilizzare l'inglese in vostri appelli.
NL: Let op: dit is een Engels taal server. Gelieve Engels in uw beroep.

If you are appealing a jail, mute, or ban, you must use the format at the bottom of this post. Failure to do so will cause your appeal to take longer, or in some instances, be denied altogether.

To make an appeal, copy the format at the bottom and paste it into a new thread, answering all of the questions in your own words. After at least 24 hours (longer or shorter, depending on staff discretion), staff will respond to your appeal.

Be aware that staff decision is final. If your appeal has been permanently denied, do not argue or else your forum account will be banned as well.

In addition, it is important that you do NOT:
- Bump your own appeal
- Beg or nag the staff to look at your appeal
- Use colors in your appeal
- Use a poll in your appeal
- Comment on another player's appeal that is not your own
- Post on another player's appeal with your own
- Message staff with your appeal, either in the server or through PMs


Which server(s) are you appealing for?:

Are you jailed, muted or banned?:

What did you do to get jailed, muted, or banned?:

Why should we give you a second chance?:

Have you told the truth?:

Have you read the rules again?:

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dualspiral Site Admin
For those of you who don't know how to make a new thread, click on this link: - this will create a new thread in the right place.
Posted May 10, 15 · Last edited May 10, 15
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