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Most of you have probably heard about the pixelmon mod being discontinued. This is a blow, and means that we will no longer be seeing updates for the pixelmon mod. However , this does not mean that the server will be closing! This instead means that we will bring more content to you on the server, to hopefully keep you all entertained without the introduction of new Pokémon.

What will be happening is daily events. The InfinityMC staff team had been working hard recently to brainstorm, and set up events which will happen daily! These events are for fun , but will of course have prizes up for grabs based on your performance!

Each event will take place at 1 PM PST, or 10 PM GMT+1.

Event schedule:

Monday - Mining Event (a huge stone cube will be spawned and a block of choice will be hidden inside containing prizes; you will have to mine and find these rewards)

Tuesday - Animal Fishing (Fishing mobs onto your side of the field! A game of two teams!)

Wednesday - pokehunt (players will search for a Pokémon with specific requirements for a reward)

Thursday - Trivia (Pixelmon/Pokémon quiz questions! Answering correctly will allow you to continue in the quiz!)

Friday - Parkour (Some good old parkour to keep those legs active)

Saturday - Tournament (Prove your worth in Pokémon battles in the weekly tournament! May include team requirements, and will have specific rules)

These events will start on Monday the 24th of July, and will be daily unless announced prior to the event. Times may also vary if the majority can not make the time given.

Final update:


This is the official server page on the pixelmon site! It would be greatly appreciated for you all to give the server a review that is meaningful. This will be beneficial to the server, and for us.

What to include:
-What you like about the server
-What you dislike about the server
-Suggestions for the server
-What makes this server better than others
- Your Ingame name

This will result in a reward depending on the sincerity of your review! (Keys.. hint hint, nudge nudge)