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How to make an appeal

By [Admin] Fatsire Site Admin - Posted Apr 4, 19

1) Make an account here: https://www.infinitymc.us/login/do/register 

2) Verify your account in your Email 

3) Copy the following questions (Highlight them and Ctrl + C) 

IGN (In-game Name):

Which server(s) are you appealing for?:

Are you jailed, muted or banned?:

What did you do to get jailed, muted, or banned?:

Have you been jailed, muted, or banned before?:

Why should we give you a second chance?:

Have you told the truth?:

4) Click this link to create a post in the right place:  http://www.infinitymc.us/forum/newthread/4007480/m/13719102

5) Paste in the questions (Ctrl + V) 

6) Answer the questions in as much detail as possible.

Please do not: 

- Bump your own appeal
- Beg or nag the staff to look at your appeal
- Use colors in your appeal
- Use a poll in your appeal
- Comment on another player's appeal that is not your own
- Post on another player's appeal with your own
- Message staff with your appeal, either in the server or through PMs